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We had a demo of the BOSS Open Source Teller System up and running here, but no longer, contact me if you would like to see one however! The videos below explain the system to some degree..Here. The Demo can only access "teller" functions and cannot access Administration, The id is teller and the password is 1. The screencast below walks you through the basic transactions... After you doa few of your own on the demo system look at the admin area , found at the top of the screen next to the "external links text, when you hover your mouse the full menu appears with the link to the "electronic journal", you may browse transactions by teller, client or look at the cash in a cash drawer. for this demo the journal may only be looked at read only.. Please let us know what you think by leaving comments on the blog!

The Only OPEN SOURCE Teller Solution Provider

We offer a way out of vendor lock-in!

  • A Fraction of the Development Costs
  • Pathway to Vendor Independence
  • Conduit to Simplified Processing
  • Simplified Support Requirements
  • Collaborative Enhancements
  • Integrated Version Control
  • Agile
  • You gain because Boss is:

    • Highly Functional
    • Open Sourced
    • Innovative Architecture
    • Simplified Processing
    • Directed Workflows
    • Enterprise Collaboration

    Our Solution:

    • Eliminates Licensing Costs
    • Mitigates Implementation Costs
    • Alleviates Vendor Management


OSWCO is dedicated to introducing and supporting Open Source Software to the Enterprise. The Open Source movement and products have become highly sophisticated, cost effective, and mature. Many leading companies and organizations are making rapidly increasing investments in it's use.

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