Dec 15

Chrome CR-48 Basic Guide

I got one.. That is the most amazing thing!! The new CR-48 from Google is a nice compromise between a netbook and a full size laptop. For instance I'm typing this laying down on the sofa something I would not comfortably do with one of my laptops.

While I don't really mean it to be.. I can't help but make this a bit of I got one and you did not post,, sorry just can't help it..

Damm this browser based blog editor just erased a bunch of text when all I was trying to do was correct some spelling and it seems to lack an undo function. The answer for this seems to be to manually save a bit more frequently.. (I'm using the Scribefire Chrome app to compose this post)

What I was saying, before I lost it, was that it is hard even for me to completely leave behind all client based apps except for those available in the Chrome ecco system. Now I have been largely committing my life to Google and the cloud.. I use G-mail and Google apps extensively, I was one of the 1st to get an Android phone (the original G-1) which is still in use although admittedly on its last legs... I plan to get the new Nexus S on the 1st day available (12/16/2010) this week but due to the way Best Buy is handling it I must order on line (to get the T-mobile upgrade price) which is a bit of a problem.

One thing I'm discovering is that this CR-48 little machine is faster than my Windows Vista 64 bit 4gig ram dual core laptop for simple web browsing.. I have the two next to each other and it is quite evident. My wife also observes that the screen seems way sharper and more readable than the Windows machine...

I tried to use the Chrome TV app but all those stations require Windows media player.. so no go for the time being..

Pandora works fine.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is problematic, the Mibbit app is banned from freenode (which is the IRC host of choice) and freenode has a web app but pretty primitive..

Last night a small group of us here in Birmingham, I think we have identified 4 lucky recipients, decided to form a CR-48 users group, meeting to be announced. The Group is here . Of course this was largely organized via twitter!

I've read a lot of bitching about the trackpad but I have found it to be a minor adjustment factor. It is working fine for me,, just need to figure it out a bit better...

One friend has immediately turned the dev mode switch on to gain access to the underlying system.. I plan to hold off on that to more force myself to see how to live as Google intends using the stock install and browser based apps...

With both my Widows machines and Linux I have routinely disabled sleep mode,, I use the temporary screen off.. but not the processor because it seems to me that the odds of the machine ever coming back is fairly low and it also takes an inordinate period of time.. Happily this is not a problem on the CR-48 it just flat handles it perfectly and very fast,, A slight nig is that it does seem to take the wireless (wifi) net connection a few extra seconds to wake up so things don't get going 'till that process finishes.

Just realized that the alt/backspace works like delete key which got the heave ho. Ctrl-next window is screenshot and ctrl-o (that is small 'o') to view it.

Battery life seems fantastic but will take a while to fully assess.

ctrl-alt-t opens a terminal.

ctrl-alt-/ gives a handy keyboard function guide,, there are a ton of modal shortcuts,, that will take a while to learn....

for those interested in developer mode

I'll probably modify this a bit as I have some time, and add the obligatory picture.

And did I say this well enough, Thank You Google!!!

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