Nov 20

Missed Us At The Show?

Ken Lefner And Skylar Saveland

Ken Lefner & Skylar Saveland at the BAI Retail delivery show

Thanks to all of those who visited the OSWCO booth at the Bank Administration Institute Retail Delivery Show in November 2009 in Boston. Along with Eldarion, our implementation partner, we introduced several Open Source Software solutions, including our new Teller application (demo here) to the financial industry.

Other industries have embraced Open Source software tools like Python, Django and Pinax to rapidly develop vertical and horizontal applications.

The finance industry has been slow to adopt Open Source, in spite of the higher functionality and clear cost advantages of doing so. OSWCO is the catalyst for Open Source use in the financial industry, introducing and providing quality commercial support, the missing "comfort" factor for Open Source.

James Tauber

James Tauber at the BAI Retail delivery show

We showed Pinax and Eldarion implementations of social and project management software as well as some creative uses of social networking for the financial industry. Recently Eldarion introduced TypeWar, an Internet game which has received several million transactions. It provides a test bed to insure the scalability, reliability, and transaction tracking required by financial apps like teller. TRY it! It is fun, and free.

Another example we showed was a site developed for a Singapore bank (OCBC) who is sponsoring an international bike race, and utilizing innovative social networking to promote the race and the bank's tie-in.

Tom Brander & Ken Lefner

Tom Brander & Ken Lefner at the BAI National Retail Delivery show

We also explored developing custom apps for both financial institutions and with a number of vendors who were interested in leveraging our ability to implement complex systems in 1/10th of the time and cost than older proprietary methods for complex document and knowledge management requirements.

Unlike the other offerings at the show, this software is FREE. Go to to Pinax or Django and download and install the programs on your own (for more technical users-you know who you are) for project management, social sites and knowledge management. We stand ready to help you really exploit the advantages of this new fast development capability.

We look forward to chatting with you when you have a need for fast, innovative software development.



OSWCO is dedicated to introducing and supporting Open Source Software to the Enterprise. The Open Source movement and products have become highly sophisticated, cost effective, and mature. Many leading companies and organizations are making rapidly increasing investments in it's use.

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