Nov 17

Intro to Django/Pinax-Overview

As I look around I don't see a lot of great basic introduction to the world of Django and Pinax.

As I look around I don't see a lot of great basic introduction to the world of Django and Pinax. Certainly both projects and sites have excellent documentation, in fact that is one of the great strengths of the frameworks. My sense however is that there is still a lack of good overview material for the semi technical manager trying to get up to speed on what "it" is and why "it" is so important.

It is in that spirit that I put the following slideshow together. Feel free to take it and modify it for your own uses. I would appreciate comments (and I don't mind harsh criticism) and feedback as to how to improve it or make additional material available.

View more presentations from Tom Brander.
There is additional material on this page, which includes a nice presentation from Daniel Greenfeld, prepared for managers at NASA. I plan to keep collecting material that can be used to help promote the community and it's tools. so please help out in the comments.

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